Monday, January 11, 2010

Taxes, Golf Tournaments, Manufacturing, and Meetings

Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Port Southern surely had an eventful weekend full of work and some fun...

The work began on Saturday when we began inventory calculations and end of year taxes.  Because Port Southern works in retail, sales taxes are applied and paid quarterly.  Part of this process for Port Southern includes counting and checking our inventory.  If you can imagine working with accounting software, rooms full of inventory, and accounting calculations then you have joined in the fun that we had on Saturday.  While this process is not the best of times, it was fulfilling once everything was completed.  An even better addition to the weekend, was when myself and fellow partner Jeremy Hiatt attended the Radford vs. HPU basketball game, and watched HPU come out with a big win!

This week has also started off to an eventful start.  With the spring season quickly approaching, plenty of events are beginning to take shape that Port Southern may possibly attend.  One of those events is the HPU Panther Club Golf Tournament.  Because 3 of 4 Port Southern partners are HPU students, we hope to keep our company integrated closely with the HPU family.  This tournament is open to all Panther Club Members, and with Port Southern attending it is sure to be a great time!

The rest of today consists of talking with our manufacturers to finish design and processing on some of our Fall 2010 products, as well as a Port Southern board meeting.  Because new developments are made with our company every day, we try to have a board meeting once a week to make everything stay uniform.

I want to end todays blog, thanking everyone for supporting our company, Port Southern!  Without support, the journey that we have begun would surely be a tough one.  But with your continued support, and your help spreading the word of Port Southern and the message of the pineapple, we know that we can succeed and spread our love for fine clothing and Southern hospitality to everyone!

Be sure to be on the lookout for our blog tomorrow.  We have news of a very exciting event that Port Southern will be attending in the spring, as well as more news of what you can be on the lookout for this upcoming spring season!

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