Friday, January 8, 2010

New Creations In the Works

I hope everyone is having a great Friday, and are just as happy as I am for the weekend to come!  It has been a very productive week for Port Southern, and Im glad you guys have been able to join in the fun with me.

You may be wondering why I have attached an image of fall above.  Today, Port Southern has been working hard on creating and editing designs for Fall of 2010.  In retail, clothing companys and designers work two seasons ahead.  So, while we are quickly approaching the spring and summer season, we are actually having to design and show retailers what we will hopefully be carrying for the next fall.

I spent the first part of my morning brushing up some last details on the design of a hopeful product we will carry for the fall, and I am now spending my afternoon talking with our manufacturers.  It is a very difficult process because you have to first design a product, work the logistics and details out with a manufacturer, get prototypes in of the product, revise the mistakes (because there will always be fine tune things to change if you are a perfectionist like Port Southern), and then work on getting the final product here.  Can you guess what our fall product will be?

I can assure you that these new ideas and designs are not only innovative that no one has, but they will also be very exciting.  Im almost wanting to skip spring and summer just to get to them.

Port Southern hopes that all of our friends, family, fans, and customers have a great weekend!  Thanks for everything that you do for us.  Keep spreading some Southern Hospitality, and check back on Monday for some more Port Southern updates!

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