Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teaching Southern Hospitality And Business, One Step At A Time

Hi!  Thanks for joining me once again to see what Port Southern has been busy on today.  I first want to apologize for not posting a blog yesterday.  Port Southern owners had to start back to classes yesterday, and I ran out of time trying to get back on track.

I also wanted to share this week's Southern Hospitality Tip Of The Week with you about opting for a bowtie over a necktie.  Opt For A Bowtie Over A Neck-Tie- Part of Port Southern's lifestyle brand is showing a certain flair for Southern class and Southern style.  If you are looking for a way to include more of this in your wardrobe, choose a bowtie over a neck-tie for your next social event.

Today, Port Southern had the opportunity to visit Westchester Country Day School and teach some young gentleman about business and about Southern hospitality.  Myself and Jeremy made the trip, and spoke to their middle school investment club.  This opportunity was a great experience for us because we not only were able to share our experience and love for business, but we were also able to take part in shaping and molding these young Southern gentlemen with first hand experience of some Southern hospitality.  We hope to continue more visits like these to share our love for clothing, for the South, and for the pineapple hospitality we are so fond of.

The rest of my day included a great visit with our friends at Lindsay Odom Limited in High Point, as well as speaking with our manufacturers about delivery of our spring products.  Lindsay Odom Limited has been a great help to Port Southern, and we cannot thank them enough for their help.  If you ever get a chance, stop in and inquire about Port Southern and experience some great people sharing hospitality as well.  While also speaking to our manufacturers, we are getting closer in announcing our spring product line as well as new spring colors.  This announcement will be coming in the near future, so be sure to stay on the lookout!

Thanks again for continuing to stay involved in the Port Southern daily business life.  We hope that this is a great way to stay connected with our fans, and if you have any ideas or feedback for us then be sure to email us at!

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