Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where Have We Been?

It has been quite some time!  I almost feel lost as I write this post, because our last post was over a month ago from now, but the good news is that we are back!

The question I am sure all of you are asking yourselves is, where has Port Southern been?  In all honesty, I can tell you that I have been on vacation.  Like all college students out there, school is the best time to live life up.  As I am headed into my final year at High Point University, I wanted to take advantage of this summer and get out and travel some.  With a full time job around the corner, I knew I may never have the opportunity to take this much time off for quite some time, so I took advantage of it.

My trip started out on the coast of NC at Oak Island, near Southport where Port Southern was named.  I spent a week there fishing and relaxing on the beach.  After that week was over, I headed north for more coastal living as I spent another week in Rhode Island.

Both spots are awesome places to visit in the summer, and I really had a great time.  But, I never forgot about Port Southern and in all honesty while I was gone, and my partners working in some other jobs that they have started careers in, we havent had much time to share with you all!

The truth of it is that we are glad to be back, but need your help!  We need you guys to help spread the word about Port Southern.  If you havent been able to get some of our great summer products, check them out on our website at!  If you are vacationing, email us for some stickers or cards and help us spread the word!

Thanks, we hope you guys havent forgotten about us!


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