Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Summer Release Is Out!

On Monday we finally released some products for you to enjoy the rest of the summer, and we have had some great feedback on them.  For those of you who may not have had a chance to check them out, Im going to do just a brief run-down on what we released and why.

First things first for all of our belle followers, we finally added a sizable product for you all to enjoy.  For a long time, we have received emails asking for equal ladies products, and now we are aiming to deliver.  Its made with our same knit fabric that we use for our men's polos and has a great fit.

We also released t-shirts for both guys and girls.  During the summer, one of the most popular items around are t-shirts, and ours fits the same mold.  Its free-flowing, light, and comfortable for the warm temperatures.  They come in two different designs, that both look great.

Another great item that we released is our Pineapple Needlepoint Belt.  A great accessory that is beginning to be a little more prevalent, but needlepoint is still something that will make your wardrobe unique.  The craftsmanship put into the belt is nothing below true quality.

We also added some new colors in our Port Southern Croakies and Koozies, so be sure and pick up those smaller gifts as well.

Before I get going, I would really like to extend our deepest apologies for our shopping cart the first day of our release.  In the midst of changing and releasing new items, our shipping function took a hit, making it difficult for some of you to place an order the way you wanted to.  All of these problems are cleared up and resolved now, so be sure to go back and try to place your order again if you havent already.  We will do our best to not let this happen again, and if you ever have any trouble placing an order then please email us at!

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