Monday, February 1, 2010

Post Storm Monday

A view of my back yard after our weekend snow storm.  Its hard to believe that Port Southern has been planning continuously on our spring events, our spring colors, our spring apparel, etc while High Point was getting pounded with snow.  Port Southern cant wait for spring!

This week is looking to be pretty relaxed for Port Southern.  Today and Thursday, we will have our usual Port Southern board meeting at night.  It will also include the usual emails and phone calls from manufacturers, event committees, and contacts.

But, there is one event that we are hoping to have that will break up the usual schedule for this week.  A get together with our Port Southern ambassadors is scheduled for this next weekend, if the snow doesn't attack High Point again.  

We hope all of your weekends were great, and we thank you all for your help and support.  Don't forget to send us your Emails to join our database, and help spread the word about Port Southern by suggesting our Facebook fan page to your friends!

Also dont forget about Jen-Marie's Valentines giveaway at of a Port Southern Southern Hospitality Polo!

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