Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome Back To Work

Hey guys!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Port Southern had an early start to our day, as I went to meet Mr. Chiles.  Mr. Chiles is a personal sales rep for 8 clothing brands from Jamestown, NC.  Mr. Chiles was a great contact to meet, because he gave us a wealth of knowledge on his experiences in sales, in the retail industry, and gave us pointers for how Port Southern can further our brand in the retail sector.

While I was working with Mr. Chiles, Nick was continuing to make Port Southern's schedule of events.  Our main events will begin in March and we hope to have a main event that Port Southern attends every month.  Keep in touch with our blog and Facebook for continued updates!

Another progression that Port Southern made today was to further develop our Port Southern Ambassador program.  The program will be built of the best ambassadors Port Southern can obtain, and has obtained.  Jeremy included 2 members to the ambassador program today.

With the day winding down, Port Southern had one of its weekly board meetings tonight.  With updates from each partner, and new plans for the next couple of months in product releases, events Port Southern will attend, and creation of aspects to the Pineapple Fund, the meeting was a good and productive.

Before I end the blog,  Port Southern wants to thank Port Southern ambassador Katie.  Katie, with her Preppy Pearl Blog, helped Port Southern promote itself today with pictures and more information.  Check it out at!

Port Southern also has a unique giveaway to talk about tomorrow!  Thanks for everyones support and hospitality!

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