Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Port Southern Giveaway!

Hey Ya'll!

This week's Southern Hospitality Tip Of The Week is:

Southern Drawl- Unless you are in a formal meeting or giving a formal presentation, don't be ashamed of using Southern drawl.  Saying "ya'll" has been a staple in many people's vocabulary, and only shows that youre looking to be friendly and informal.

Today is looking to be another busy day for Port Southern because we continue to work with multiple personal sales reps and continue to put our spring/summer event schedule together.  A personal sales rep for Port Southern will be a very important acquisition so that Port Southern has the best opportunity to spread to retail locations in other states, and get to more fans to ultimately spread more Southern hospitality!  Our event schedule hopes to have the same effect, as Port Southern travels the state and other states spreading our brand.

We also have a very exciting Valentine's giveaway for you!  Port Southern has teamed up with Jen-Marie and her Southern Belle Blog to do a Valentine's giveaway.  If you are still looking for a great gift for a special someone, one of our Southern Hospitality Polos would be a great purchase.  Try to win a free Southern Hospitality Polo by going to http://www.southernbellejm.blogspot.com, and following the directions!

We hope you all have a great Tuesday, and remember to spread some Southern hospitality!

Your Friend,


Fine Clothing With Southern Hospitality

For more information visit http://www.portsouthern.com.

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