Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Today's weather feels great and makes us at Port Southern ready for the spring season!  We are gearing up and getting excited for the official release of our spring line which is set to release somewhere around the last weekend in February or first weekend in March.

Our spring line will include a total of 5 colors in the Southern Hospitality Polo, Port Southern Croakies in 7 colors, and Port Southern Hats in 4 colors.  All of the colors will be released when the line opens, and will include items for Gentlemen and Ladies.  It is a very exciting time for Port Southern, and for you, to look forward to and prepare for.

Another way that we are gearing up for spring is designing a Port Southern Ambassador program.  Our ambassador program will start as a hand picked program where people will have the opportunity to help promote and live Port Southern.  We look forward in having our ambassador program start very soon, and if you have any interest of being an ambassador to Port Southern email help@portsouthern.com!

Before I exit for today, I want to leave you with this weeks Southern Hospitality Tip Of The Week.  Port Southern has been on the road a lot lately, and have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people.  This week's tip about firm handshakes has been put to good use!

Southern Hospitality Tip Of The Week:
Give A Firm Handshake When Meeting Someone- When you are meeting someone or introducing yourself, give a firm handshake and look the other person in the eye.  This will show that you are not nervous, and that you are a genuine person.

Thanks for keeping updated on all the Port Southern news and journeys, and stay posted on our blog for more information every day!

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Fine Clothing With Southern Hospitality

You can see this week's Southern Hospitality Tip and more information at http://www.portsouthern.com!

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