Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass Emailing + Grab a Pineapple For Port Southern!

Happy hump day for this week!  Today has been a day of mass emailing with multiple outlets.  But, what is entertaining at times, is that the emails never stop.

I have been emailing with manufacturers, advertisers, potential Port Southern ambassadors, fellow partners, etc throughout the day.  While we had no speaking functions or appearances today, the majority of my day has either been spent over the phone or over the computer emailing.  I guess this means that Port Southern must be busy!

Because we have some space for today, Port Southern would like to open up this as an opportunity where you can give us your feedback.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, or feedback that you would like to share to Port Southern, then please email those to!

We also are still getting ready for the spring season to be here soon.  As a way to prepare, we would like for our fans to grab a pineapple and take it with them to special places they like to go.  You can have a real pineapple or just be wearing some Port Southern apparel.  Take your pineapple or wear your apparel to one of your favorite hangouts or vacation spots and take a picture.  Please send your pictures to and you might just find yourself on the Port Southern website or Facebook in the spring!

Thanks for all the support and assistance.  Be sure to share some Southern hospitality, and stay tuned for more from Port Southern.

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