Monday, May 3, 2010

Thanks Junior League Of High Point

This weekend myself and Jeremy had the privilege of taking part in the Junior League of High Point's Kentucky Derby Day party.  The party was held at the Briles house in High Point, and the Junior League had a great crowd come out and take part in the afternoon's events.

Port Southern took part in the event by submitting a gift basket for their silent auction. (seen below)

It was truly a pleasure to take part in the Derby Day celebration, and we had a great time.  Thank you to the Junior League Of High Point and a special thank you to Leah Guttersen for getting us involved with your Derby Day festivities.  We had a great time!

We would like to congratulate the Super Saver team in their winning of this years Kentucky Derby!
We hope you all had a great weekend, and remember to share the message of Port Southern and pineapple hospitality!

Your Friend,


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