Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NEW RETAILER/ Southern Hospitality Tip Of The Week 4/20/10

This Week's Southern Hospitality Tip Of The Week is:

Chivalry Is Not Dead- Being chivalrous is not dead these days.  One of the keys to showing that you promote hospitality is to be chivalrous.  Be chivalrous , be courteous, and be nice.

Most people think that being chivalrous is fake or not the cool thing to do.  Port Southern disagrees with those feelings.  We think that being chivalrous and kind is the right thing to do.  We hope that we are being kind and courteous to our customers, and that our customers will continue the trend into their daily lives.

A new retailer has once again joined the Port Southern family and this one is held near and dear to us.  The High Point University bookstore will now be carrying our Port Southern products starting with our Southern Hospitality Polos in all of our colors, our Purple Port Southern Croakies, and Our Pineapple Twill Hats.

We are very happy to have our products available and custom for HPU fans with an added High Point University embroidery on the sleeve of our Southern Hospitality Polos and on the side of our Pineapple Twill Hats.  If you want to look good and share Southern hospitality at HPU events, stop by the bookstore today and get special custom PS products.

Have a great Tuesday and remember to be chivalrous to others!

Your Friend,


Fine Clothing With Southern Hospitality

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