Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break? Not for Port Southern....

This week is High Point University's spring break, and because I am an HPU student then I get to be out of classes.  But, with the busy schedule that Port Southern has had recently, the work continues!  Please dont mistake this as a complaint...We love this job, and with all the continued members joining the Port Southern family and fan base we can continue to share our love for Southern hospitality!

Today, we have been planning more on the college tour starting this spring at NC college campuses, and will spread next fall to other states.  It will be a great time traveling to college campuses meeting and greeting with fellow Port Southern friends.  If you want Port Southern to come to your college campus or even if you would like Port Southern to come and be a part of an event that you are having at work or with friends then please email us at with your inquiry!

We also were fortunate to be a part of delivering 100 of our Southern Hospitality Polos to High Point University today to be presented to some special members of the head of the University.  It was a pleasure to share some of our new spring colors with them, and we hope that you all enjoy!

Tomorrow will continue to stay busy, and we have some very exciting news to spread to you all about some more events that have just hit the calendars for this spring/summer for Port Southern.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out where we are headed next, continue to get your spring Port Southern products at to support our Pineapple Fund, and spread the message of the pineapple!

Your Friend,


Fine Clothing With Southern Hospitality

P.S.- HPU have fun on spring break!

For more information please visit!

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