Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have A Great Time At The Cup!

Hey!  I hope everyone has had a great day and that someone today has shown you some kind of hospitality, and if not I hope you have had the opportunity to show someone else hospitality today.

This weekend as we all know is the Carolina Cup Steeplechase Race in South Carolina.  Because the charge of $5,000 was too much to swallow for Port Southern to be there this year, we still hope everyone has a great time!  If you are looking to stay casual before you tie on the bow the day of the race or before you put on the derby hat, check out a Southern Hospitality Polo or a Pineapple Twill Hat!  We are sure you all will have a great time, we wish we could be there, and remember to spread some Southern hospitality for us.

Today has been a great day...myself and Jeremy had a great meeting with All Over Media today discussing some great opportunities for Port Southern in the local markets.  I've also been on the phone with multiple manufacturers today making some final decisions on the products you will be seeing over the next couple of months.  It will be great products for both our gentlemen and our belles, and we look forward to it!

Remember to keep a check up on our Facebook, our Twitter, our events, and our website at  Also remember that we are still currently offering free shipping on all of our products.

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