Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Southern Hospitality Tip Tuesdays!

Our Southern Hospitality Tip Tuesday for this week is:

Show Respect- A good way to show that you are a hospitable person is to show respect as often as you can.  Show respect to your elders, to your friends, to your neighbors, or even the strongest way to show your respect is to strangers.

Port Southern has had a full day of events today.  We have planned two more events to take part in this summer, remained in contact with events that we have already committed too, worked with our manufacturers on final touch ups for a product releasing in the summer, and acquired another retail location.  All of these details we will be able to give more details on as it comes closer to the time they happen.

With all of these events taking place, I did have one great opportunity this evening that I wanted to share with you all.  I had the privilege to speak with one of the owners of an innovative company called Woozie.  Woozie is a unique company that creates wine glass sleeves made from neoprene to keep your wine glass insulated.  Neill Sherron was kind enough to take some time out of his day to speak with myself about business, and it was a pleasure to discuss these ventures with one another.  Be sure to visit http://www.woozie.com when you get the chance!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, and remember to spread the message of the Pineapple!

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Fine Clothing With Southern Hospitality

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