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Welcome everyone to the Port Southern blog.  We are glad that you have made your way to our blog, and we hope that you enjoy our posts.  This blog is a way for Port Southern to give our fans, friends, family, and just the general public a way to stay in touch with our journey through the development of our clothing company.  We hope to keep this updated from day to day, giving you an in-depth look of what Port Southern does from day in and day out.  Thanks for being with us in the journey, and we hope you enjoy!

Its sunsets like these that make me excited and proud to be from the South and to share what the South is all about.  As I spend my time at the beach for New Years, I look back to the reasons of why myself and friends started Port Southern over a year ago.  We have started Port Southern as young college students looking to make a difference in clothing, and in our community lifestyle.  But, there was really more to it then that.  We all shared the same sentimental feelings for where we have been raised.

When we came up with the idea that we were going to begin this company, we really had no idea where we were going to start.  The name Port Southern, and the logo of the Pineapple that coincided with it had already been thought of by my partner Nick Ruden.  We knew that the true meaning behind the pineapple, of welcome and hospitality, is fondly associated with the South so we knew that we had a winning combination, but the ideas of where to get our clothing inspiration had to come from what we are all about.  This created, "Fine Clothing With Southern Hospitality".  Its a lifestyle that we lived, and that we were hoping to spread to others.  A fine sense of style, neatness, and professionalism combined with our values and how we have been brought up.

After a lot of searching and studying, we finally found assistance from an experienced designer and manufacturer that could help us develop a product that we are proud of, that shows true quality, and would partner with our sense of Southern style.  We developed the "Southern Hospitality Polo".  (seen below)

Our keystone product teamed with our three main ideas of: pride for the South and our hometown, a desire to better our community and other communities with our Pineapple Fund, and the hope of creating an elite clothing line of high quality essentials that everyone could enjoy, would hopefully build and create what we believe is a successful partnership.

Everyday we continue to strive to share the hospitality the South is known for with anyone that we can.  We hope that others join in our efforts to enjoy a high quality sense of clothing, enjoy a high quality lifestyle, and enjoy spreading the message of the pineapple, hospitality!  Thank you for continuing to support Port Southern, and continue to look for more information of our daily developments.

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