Friday, January 15, 2010

On The Road Again

Port Southern hit the road again today trying to spread the word about Port Southern, gain more contacts, and meet with more retail locations.  Where was Port Southern at this time?

Myself and partner Nick Ruden set off for Mt. Airy, NC today to visit with F Rees.  Mr. Bowman, a very nice salesman, met us at F Rees to discuss what Port Southern has to offer their boutique.  We gained a lot of great feedback from Mr. Bowman on our Southern Hospitality Polo, and we have built another great contact in the retail boutique sector.

If you are not familiar with the above picture, it is a statue of Andy Griffith with is son Opie from the famed television show called "The Andy Griffith Show".  Andy Griffith is known for growing up in Mt. Airy, and in the show a town called Mayberry was designed after this area.  While the town in Mt. Airy is small, the fact that it is known for being Mayberry draws a big crowd of tourists from year to year.

Once back in High Point, I took advantage of the afternoon by returning calls and emails of different inquires.  One of these inquires will be very exciting and could put Port Southern apparel all the way in Texas!  We will be sure to keep you all posted.

At the end of another week, we cant thank you enough again for supporting us and joining us in the spread of Southern hospitality.  We will have a lot more news for you at the beginning of this next week, so be sure to check back then.  Have a great weekend, and dont forget to spread the message of the pineapple!

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